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About us

green flower


We, Moulshri Edu Pharma are an Ayurvedic Marketing Company which deals with the marketing of ayurvedic products. Our aim is to create a bridge between people and ayurveda. In addition, we also aim to make people aware about quality ayurvedic based medicines. We try to educate people that there is an immense need of Ayurveda to penetrate in our lifestyle especially when we are exposed to either fake or adulterated products.

Moulshri Edu pharma is dedicated to reach out to people to keep them healthy and beautiful. We acknowledge that in today’s busy lifestyle people require easy and homemade remedies to keep them healthy and beautiful and we deliver that. Thousand years ago our country was known as Vishwaguru with the immense knowledge and application of Ayurveda only; we thrive to keep the same tradition alive through MEP. In today’s busy schedule people are forced to follow a sedentary life style where there is no personal time dedicated to loved ones. This results in a stressful life which impacts the average life span of an individual. Stress is the main root cause for several ailments which deteriorates our human body.

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